New Experiment Programs, Part Two: The Netherlands

The Experiment in International Living is introducing six new programs in summer 2015. In a six-part series, we’ll give you the details on each program. Part One: Jordan The Netherlands: Gender Equality and Human Rights When: 4 weeks, July 6–August 3 Where: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Friesland Program at a Glance: Gain new perspectives on […]

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New Experiment Programs, Part One: Jordan

The Experiment in International Living is introducing six new programs in summer 2015. In a six-part series, we’ll give you the details on each program. Part Two: The Netherlands Jordan: History, Politics, and Arabic Language When: June 30–July 30, 4 weeks Where: Amman, rural Bedouin community, Petra Program at a Glance: Explore urban and rural […]

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Reyann Brooks, 2014 Experimenter to France, Featured in Portland Press Herald

Reyann Brooks, a 2014 participant of our France: French Culture and Regional Identity program was recently featured in The Portland Press Herald in Maine. Brooks, age 16,  is the daughter of Jeffrey and Rebecca Brooks of Topsham, Maine. She and her brother Dawson attend Mt. Ararat High School, where Reyann will be a junior in the fall. Brooks wrote […]

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Emma Carmichael, Experimenter to Chile in 2005, to become editor-in-chief of Jezebel

Buzzfeed reports that Emma Carmichael, a 2005 Experiment alumna of the Chile program, will soon become editor-in-chief of Jezebel. She is currently serving as one of the co-editors of The Hairpin. Carmichael will replace outgoing-editor Jessica Coen at Jezebel, which had more than 17 million unique views last month. Carmichael served as co-editor of The Hairpin for […]

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Youth Culture and International Relations in Germany

You might not realize how much you already know about Germany just from living in the U.S. If you like hot dogs and pretzels, if you’ve celebrated Christmas with a Christmas tree, if you appreciate great thinkers in the sciences and arts like Einstein and Handel, you are already acquainted with the powerful influence of […]

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Happy Earth Day!

The Experiment celebrates Earth Day far beyond this Tuesday, with programs focused on protecting and understanding the natural wonders of the world. Here are some ways to love Mother Nature while traveling and learning abroad! In our Sustainability and Food Systems programs, experience how food, culinary traditions and agriculture shape a community’s relationship to nature […]

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Experience Art and Culture in Japan

One of our perennially popular destinations, Japan is home to two programs this summer: Anime and Manga, and Language and Cultural Traditions. Experimenters will gain firsthand understanding of Japan’s incredible cultural spectrum, from neon streets and anime workshops to traditional villages and historical landmarks. In Japan: Language, Experimenters receive language instruction at tailored levels, and […]

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Life Epiphanies on a Japanese Potato Farm, by Emma Stadele

When I was the same age as most Experimenters, I set off on a journey that has eternally changed my life. I traveled to Japan and experienced the most awkward, emotional, confusing, and amazing summer I’ve ever experienced. Last summer, I led the Japan Anime program. While we were waiting for our flight, I told […]

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Japan Language Quiz!

あなたは日本で日本語を勉強します。 On which Experiment program can you study the language in the sentence above? The answer is Japan: Language and Cultural Traditions. Japanese class This four-week program allows you to be immersed in Japanese language and culture through a combination of classroom instruction, travel, and activities. No matter what your Japanese language skill is—beginning, intermediate, […]

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Colors of an Italian Memory, by Elizabeth Martyn

For Elizabeth Martyn, The Experiment is and has always been about more than a summer abroad. She comes from an Experimenter family, with relatives either working for The Experiment or traveling abroad on several programs.  Elizabeth’s own experience abroad on the 2012 Italy program changed her in many ways; one is that she serves as […]

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